23.03.2018 BSE Trading Approval Letter
05.03.2018 Listing Approval
17.11.2017 Intimation to BSE regarding Final Order of Amalgamation passed by NCLT on 16.11.2017
16.11.2017 NCLT Order Along With Scheme of Amalgamation
21.07.2017 Notice of NCLT hearing on 03.08.2017
10.04.2017 Notice of NCLT convened meeting / Postal Ballot
11.04.2017 Voting Results of NCLT convened meeting held on 10.04.2017
10.03.2017 BSE Intimation- Newspaper Ad
22.02.2017 Notice to Secured Creditors
22.02.2017 Notice to Unsecured Creditors
19.07.2016 NOC from Stock Exchange (Scheme of Amalgamation)
06.06.2016 Reply letter to Stock Exchange
15.04.2016 Compliance Report Under Reg. 37 of SEBI (LODR), 2015
04.04.2016 Auditors Certificate
04.04.2016 Fairness Opinion
04.04.2016 Report of the Audit Committee
04.04.2016 Valuation Report
31.03.2016 Post Shareholding of Camphor and Allied Products Limited.
31.03.2016 Shareholding of Camphor and allied Products Ltd.
31.03.2016 Corporate Governance
31.03.2016 Shareholding of Oriental Aromatics Ltd.
31.12.2015 Financials of Transferor Company
31.12.2015 Financials of Transferee Company
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