Mask. Mimic. Maximise.

Every aroma has a specific need and a unique characteristic. Whether it’s going to be used to mask, mimic or maximise a taste or smell, is key. Our aroma profiles are designed to your specifications and can be adapted to optimize the characteristic that you most desire. We offer a broad spectrum of molecules and ingredients. Each aroma molecule can be adapted to suit a variety of products and offer their own signature fragrance. After all, an aroma of a product is it’s essence. All our synthetic aroma ingredients are produced in our own research and manufacturing facilities. Our range is broad, covering the entire olfactive spectrum and can cater to a wide variety of products with different technical specifications.


Last Updated on 14th April, 2023

From that fragrant fabric softener, to a high volume shampoo, to a glossy wood polish, specialty aroma molecules are our niche. Our ingredients meet international standards and are globally compliant with industry regulations, and Sustainability is ingrained in our ethos.

Not only are we environmentally and socially sustainable in how we work – we also believe in being economically sustainable and ethical in our business practices. Sandalwood to musk, vanilla to mint, we create authentic aromas that are catalysts for change. Over the last three generations, we have honed our consumer insights – from both an Indian and global perspective. We can literally pinpoint the perfect fragrance or flavour for you to create a one of a kind product at exceptional value. We are one of the top aroma chemicals manufacturers in India, and export aroma chemicals across the world. The high quality of our ingredients ensure that they retain long-lasting freshness and remain fragrant. In this way, perfumers enjoy a unique advantage – as they can use a smaller quantity of our aroma fragrances to optimize their impact. Coupled with our pricing edge, this opens up the doorway to untold innovation as perfumers can now not only create new fragrances, but also improvise on how they are used.