There’s a sixth sense that humans possess that has infinite potential - the spirit of creativity.
When it’s applied to learning, the power of the human spirit is infinite.

No two individuals are exactly the same and learn alike. In fact it’s when we are allowed to use our own ingenuity to adapt to the environment that we show our true creativity. It’s never too early to allow yourself to be original, so we decided to hone the spirit of creativity in learning by setting up the Keshavlal V. Bodani Education Foundation. We partnered with the Gateway School of New York to create The Gateway School of Mumbai, which is dedicated to empowering children who find themselves challenged by mainstream educational practices. The vision behind this collaboration is to generate learning and spread evidence-based practices, in the field of education and therapies, in India and globally.

If we allow every child the opportunity to unleash his or her creativity in the world, innovation will be infinite.

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